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We have all been there. We spend hours and hours creating the best affiliate website we can, we write fantastic content, make it look beautiful and then send targeted traffic only to find…
Nobody Is Clicking Your Affiliate Links…
This is probably the most frustrating issue in the Internet marketing world today.

As we all know, if nobody clicks your affiliate link then you will make zero commissions and all your hard work is wasted.

This is especially hard for Amazon affiliates because of the low commission percentages.

Its all just one big numbers game. You send more people to Amazon and you make more money, that’s just a fact that you can’t ignore…

But how do we do that? Internet users have seen it all these days. They do not want to be “sold to”. If they are interested in a product they simply want to decide for themselves if its right for them.

So as an Internet marketer our job is to put those products in front of our website visitors and let them make that decision…


PopAzon is by far the EASIEST way
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What Are You Getting With PopAzon?

Proven Popup Technology
Using our proven popup technology you can now have a table of relevant Amazon products popup over your content. This is perfect for grabbing your website visitors attention. But it gets better….
No doubt your website already has lots of posts? Well, you don’t want to be going through each one and adding PopAzon right? That’s where our automation feature comes in. Simply click a few buttons and each post on your website will be monetized with your chosen PopAzon table or “Pop Up”! We have even included brand new technology which reads your post title and then will automatically serve relevant products based on that content. Clever huh?

Fully Customizable
Choose how many columns you would like in your popup, the size of the product images, how many you want to display, how long the delay time is before showing your pop up, the relevant product keywords, your table title and even the color and style of your table to fit in perfectly with your website. You have full control over every single aspect of PopAzon!
Search for Best Prices
People love a bargain. And they love saving time. PopAzon will show an animated graphic that shows your visitors that you are “searching” Amazon for the best prices or products. This is also fully customizable!

Embed Technology
Maybe popups are not for you? Instead of your table popping up over your content you might choose to have your table of relevant products appear directly inside your content. You can choose exactly where this goes using our short code system.
Never Miss an International Sale
You can join all the available Amazon affiliate programs, grab your affiliate ID and then choose where you want this to appear on your website giving you full control if you are targeting different countries with different posts.
PopAzon will instantly MONETIZE your websites
in seconds with point and click EASE

I’ve got to know Andy over the past couple of years as a result of the great products in which he produces. He never fails to deliver amazing quality, innovative products that both myself and my customers love!

Being highly successful with Amazon affiliate marketing myself over recent years I’ve come across a number of products that can help you to increase your Amazon sales. PopAzon fits that category! It’s a clever plugin that will generate LOTS of clicks to Amazon from your sites… via YOUR affiliate link of course.

Very impressed guys!

Mike McKay (Amazon Super Affiliate)

Zero Risk Guarantee

Download PopAzon right now, completely, utterly and 100% risk free for the next 30 days.

This amazingly powerful plugin is going to take every single bit of the hard work out of your websites revenue generation and I am totally confident that you’ll love PopAzon and the astounding results it will generate.

However, if you find that you can’t get PopAzon to work for you (which is highly unlikely!) and if our robust support desk can’t fix your issue (which is EVEN MORE UNLIKELY!) then we will refund your investment = Leaving you absolutely no risk at all!

All Support Enquires Will Be Investigated And Fully Actioned
So fearlessly click that buy button and download PopAzon NOW.
Unlimited Personal Site License
PopAzon (Multi)

P.s – Remember, PopAzon is SO easy to get up and running on your site is literally takes just MINUTES.  With the built-in “Automation” mode it can FULLY monetize EVERY post on your site with “HOT” relevant Amazon products with a single click.

You don’t get much easier and simpler than that!

P.P.s – Our plugin is packed full of technology that drastically increases the chances of your visitors “clicking” through your affiliate link to Amazon.  More clicks equals more sales!

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