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Popazon Pro Developer Features
Geo Targeting
PopAzon Pro has an advanced geo-targeting built in. Meaning that no matter where in the world your website visitors are from, PopAzon will direct them to the Amazon that is local to them when they click a link. This is VERY powerful and could increase your sales massively!
Hover Ratings
We are very proud of this feature! There is nothing more powerful than social proof and what better than instant, dynamic social proof taken directly from the most trusted website in the world and put right in front of your website visitors.

When your visitors hover over your PopAzon tables, a list of the best reviews and ratings take directly from Amazon will appear right in front of their eyes. This is going to explode your clicks and then when they land on the Amazon page, will boost your conversions too!
Hover Description
As well as dynamic ratings your visitors will also see an instant “Description” of the product that they are hovering over. This will give them further information instantly and increase the chances of them clicking through to the Amazon listing (via your affiliate link).
Developer License
We are also including a developer license so you can install on as many of your client websites as you like OR you can sell your websites that have PopAzon installed and your license will transfer to that new owner!
PopAzon Pro (Developer)
Zero Risk Guarantee
Download PopAzon right now, completely, utterly and 100% risk free for the next 30 days.

This amazingly powerful plugin is going to take every single bit of the hard work out of your websites revenue generation and I am totally confident that you’ll love PopAzon and the astounding results it will generate.

However, if you find that you can’t get PopAzon to work for you (which is highly unlikely!) and if our robust support desk can’t fix your issue (which is EVEN MORE UNLIKELY!) then we will refund your investment = Leaving you absolutely no risk at all!
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